Diversify your real estate investing

Smart Real Estate Investing 

Cohome is the smartest way to invest in vacation real estate. For just 1/8th of the cost, co-own a stunning second home in your dream location. Diversify your investment by how much ownership that fits you and let Cohome take care of all the upkeep and expenses of maintaining your home, or unlock equity through an easy and predictable renovation. 

With an easy and fast resale process, investing in a second home is a decision you can be confident in. Even during certain times, real estate has proven to be a resilient investment.


Explore Cohome properties and walk through any home virtually or in person. We can help you choose the amount of ownership that's right for you, starting at 1/8.


Get financing for up to 50% of your purchase. Cohome creates a property LLC for each home, brings together co-owners and handles all the sales details. No W-2 required, no implace on Debt to Income ratio, and no personal guarantee.


Enjoy your Chome while we handle all the maintenance, upkeep and rental operation and billing. In the meantime, you can schedule vacation to enjoy. It's hassle-free, smart real estate investing.