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Martin Encinas

Martin Encinas Leon

Luxury & Investment Specialist

Felipe M.
Shaun S.
H. Wettersten
Victoria M.
Buyer | Seller
Caitlin Q.
What My Clients Say
We met Martin through Zillow and he was quick to introduce and offer his expertise and guidance as we started our home search. In summary he checks all the boxes! He is honest while also making sure he understands your preferences, and then with that he brings to the table properties that are aligned with your expectations. He truly puts a lot of effort in making sure the experience is smooth and you’re ...

— Felipe M.

What My Clients Say
We met a few agents before Martin, Martin however is different. He was patient and dedicated and worked with us for a long time until we found our home. He never pushed to close or change rates, he simply took care of us. He was very helpful with all aspects of bidding and legal work. The best real estate agent I met.

— Shaun S.

What My Clients Say
Martin helped me locate and buy a house in this insane property market, and he did a fantastic job! He was patient as we submitted offer after offer, as I hemmed and hawed over choosing a price, and as we wound through the byzantine lending process. He truly went above and beyond when, two days prior to closing, and with me out of town, the lender demanded some mold abatement and painting in one area of ...

— H. Wettersten

What My Clients Say
Martin helped my wife and I navigate our home purchase in San Francisco. He consistently followed up with us throughout the process ensuring that we were comfortable with the price, neighborhood and details. We could not have asked for a better experience!

— Buyer

What My Clients Say
Martin was extremely diligent, professional, and looked out for our absolute best interest. He advised us as to various options, how to communicate with the seller, putting together the right offer, and negotiating incremental items.

— Victoria M.

What My Clients Say
Martin was the main part of the whole process. His responsiveness and analytical thinking of the market were key on making a successful business. Martin es un profesional de la mas altas cualidades humanas y Profesionales, lo recomiendo 100%

— Buyer | Seller

What My Clients Say
Martin was amazing to work with. A very knowledgeable and professional agent. He very patiently and skillfully toured us through the Bay Area and helped us secure our dream home. Thank you, Martin!

— Caitlin Q.

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